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September 26, 2012
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TLoS: Return of Darkness

2: Forgotten History

He was running.

He didn't stop to think. He didn't stop to breathe. He just kept

He could feel something right behind him, its hot breath on his
haunches and tail.

Panic and fear filled his chest and clouded his mind as he pushed
himself harder, running faster then he ever had before. He felt it
closing in on him and he  panicked, running as fast as possible for a

He heard a snarl behind him and suddenly yelped as he was pushed to
the ground and rolled until he was on his back, groaning.

He struggled to stand up, but screamed as a paw smashed into his
chest, breaking a few ribs. The dragon following him appeared over
him, smiling sadistically.

coming for you “Purple Savior”, and I'll be the last
thing you'll ever see.

His eyes widened as the dragon raised its claws and he struggled, in
vain, to get free. The dragon laughed evilly and brought the claws
crashing down.


Spyro shot up out of the bed, screaming. His chest was heaving as he
gasped for air, and his forehead was covered in sweat.

Cynder whipped her head up at his scream and Autumn's eyes went wide,
tears brimming instantly.

“Spyro?!” Cynder yelled, worried.

Spyro looked at her, tears in his eyes, and visibly shaking, and
Cynder reached her front paws out, looking at him. His lip trembled,
and he hugged her tightly, starting to sob. Cynder closed her eyes
and rubbed his back in a comforting manner as he sobbed into her

He sobbed for a long time, eventually quieting down to a quiet
whimper, and after that, she heard quiet snores emanating from him,
and she smiled lightly, setting him down softly.

He moved slightly, getting more comfortable before he was still,
sleeping deeply. Cynder smiled and looked at Autumn, who had fallen
asleep again.

She watched them both for awhile before she put her head down and
closed her eyes, once again, falling asleep.    


Spyro sat before the Guardians, completely silent after telling them
of his most recent nightmare.

The Guardians themselves were talking amongst themselves, discussing
the situation. Spyro sighed quietly and glanced around, bored.

A few guards stood at random points around the room, and a few of
them talked to each other quietly.

A quick cough caught his attention and he turned his head, looking
back at the Guardians. All four of them were looking at him, their
expressions serious.

“Spyro, have you ever heard of a dragon named Alexander?”
Terrador asked.

Spyro cocked his head to the side slightly and his brows furrowed in

“No.....I don't believe I have.” He said, looking at

Terrador nodded and looked at Volteer, who leaned forward, his eyes

“The rumors and stories go back centuries, but they all
consisted of a dragon as evil as Hell itself, one that killed and
tortured for his own amusement. This dragon's name, was Alexander.”
Volteer said, his voice filled with hatred.

“He was rumored to be the killer of legends and heroes, to
lower the morale of the people, and dissolve their trust.”
Cyril cut in, his voice monotone, “Some say he even killed all
of the purple dragons before Malefor.”

Spyro started, fear settling in his stomach, “B-but what about
Malefor? Why didn't Alexander kill him?”

The Guardians all glanced at each other, worry and regret etched on
their faces and Spyro looked at each one of them in turn, catching
the eye of Soot, who looked at him in angst.

“We......we believe that Malefor.............was Alexander's

Spyro's eyes widened, and his heart clenched in fear, “So
w-when I t-trapped him, Alexander......Alexander.......started coming
after m-me?”

Soot nodded and Spyro looked down at the ground, many thoughts racing
through, and clouding, his mind.

“Can I go?” Spyro said, his voice quiet.

Terrador nodded slowly and Spyro stood up, then slowly plodded out,
his tail, head, and wings drooping, and dozens of thoughts and
questions running through his mind.


The central market was crowded as Spyro walked down the street,
looking at the ground and thinking heavily. A few passerby glanced at
him, noticing he looked troubled, but didn't give it a second thought
as they went back to whatever they were doing.

Spyro sighed and looked up, just in time to collide with another
dragon, who yelped and crashed into the dragoness next to him.

Spyro spluttered and backed off slightly.

“I am so sorry, I didn't mean to...”

He was suddenly cut short as a red paw connected with his muzzle,
knocking him back a few feet.

“That's what you get you asshole!” The dragon snarled,
obviously angry.

“Flame! For Ancestor's sake, calm down!” The dragoness
next to him demanded, her eyes wide.

Spyro groaned as he rubbed his muzzle gingerly and the dragon the
dragoness called Flame took a deep breath, the hostile air around him
vanishing instantly.

“Sorry Ember......I didn't mean to get so angry.” Flame
mumbled, blushing heavily.

Ember sighed and looked at Spyro, who was looking at them, rubbing
his muzzle.

“I am so sorry.” Flame said, looking at him.

“Its alright.” Spyro said, smiling lightly, “I got
worse wounds in the war.”

Flame and Ember's eyes widened as they looked closely at Spyro,
quickly realizing who he was and Flame stammered, “Oh
Ancestors, I just punched the legendary purple dragon.”

Spyro smiled sheepishly and watched as Flame fumbled for something
around his neck, finally pulling a necklace from around his neck,
reaching it towards Spyro.

“If you are thinking about giving that to me, keep it, I don't
need to take people's stuff.”

Flame stared at him for a few seconds, then looked down at his
necklace, examining it, and Spyro looked at it as well. It was a
simple necklace, colored red and gold to match his scales, and it had
a carving of the fire tribes symbol on it, which was made out of real

“Wow.....where did you get that from?” Spyro asked, his
eyes twinkling slightly.

“I got it from my dad......just before he left for the war.”
Flame said, his eyes filling with sadness.

“Did he come back?” Spyro asked, curious.

“No.......he didn't........his friends said he went out on a
mission one day, and didn't return.” Flame said, quietly.

“Oh......I'm sorry.....maybe he's still alive, they are still
finding dragons, moles, and cheetahs that had gone missing, and most
of them are alive.”

Flame snorted, “Most of them.”

Ember sighed and nuzzled his cheek lightly as Flame looked down at
the ground, a few tears sliding down his muzzle and onto the ground.

Spyro's face showed sympathy as Flame sniffed and wiped his eyes,
then looked back up at Spyro, smiling lightly.

“Well, it was nice to meet you Spyro, maybe one of these days
we can meet again, possibly have a drink or something.”

Spyro smiled and Ember rolled her eyes.

“I wouldn't mind doing that sometime soon, it was nice meeting
the both of you.”

Flame and Ember smiled, then walked off, their sides touching, and
their tails entwined. Spyro smiled and walked back to his house, his
mood renewed, and the thoughts that had previously clouded his mind,
were gone.


Cynder looked up as Spyro walked in through the front door, a bright
smile plastered on his face.

“What's with the smile?” She asked, giggling lightly as
Autumn kneaded the tips of her claws on Cynder's stomach.

“Oh....nothing.” Spyro said, laying down beside her and
twitching his tail near Autumn, who squealed happily and lunged at
it, biting it playfully.

Cynder raised an eye ridge, but didn't investigate further. Spyro
chuckled and kissed her, holding her head steady with one of his
paws. Cynder smiled lightly and kissed back, covering Autumn's eyes
with her tail. Autumn mewed in displeasure and squirmed, trying to
get around Cynder's tail, but failed and sat there, waiting.

After a few minutes, Spyro pulled away, smiling, as he curled around
Cynder, warming her up with the fire kept within his body. Cynder
smiled happily and pulled Autumn close, hugging her tightly. Autumn
chirped and curled up in between the two, smiling brightly and
purring loudly.

Cynder sighed and put her head on her paws, fatigue evident in her
eyes. Spyro licked the back of her neck in a comforting manner and
quietly said, “Go ahead, sleep, I'll be here when you wake up.”

Cynder smiled lightly and whispered, “Thank you,” before
she closed her eyes and instantly fell into a deep sleep.

Here is the second chapter.

Sorry for the long wait people, school has been beating me down, and I have been sick the last two days.

Anyways, some important events will be happening in the next few chapters, possibly some "mature" events as well, who knows.

Comments are appreciated

Also, if you want another story to read, and aren't reading it already, head over to :icondardarax:'s page, his Spyro fanfiction is AMAZING.
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Hados94 Sep 27, 2012  Student Writer
Nice work on this chapter....I love it...

oh no....Alexander, he sounds very demented and evil.... >) I want to face him now >XD
Hados94 Sep 27, 2012  Student Writer
your welcome....

Spyro better figure out a way to fight off Alexander...
Hados94 Sep 27, 2012  Student Writer
or maybe someone fights Alexander for Spyro....someone that is more powerful
Not the plan, sorry
Hados94 Sep 27, 2012  Student Writer
but who will save Spyro O__O
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