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May 25, 2012
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TloS: Everyone's War

Chapter 19: Fast Growth

“ I have to?”

“Yes you have to.”

“But I've already done it like one hundred times!”

“I don't care, your going to keep doing it until you nail it.”

Der Riese smiled as he watched Spyro and Autumn train, Spyro teaching
her how to handle her electricity powers. It had been six months
after Autumn had hatched and she had grown rapidly. She was already
about half of the size of Spyro, stunning Volteer and the other
Guardians with how fast she was growing. Der Riese was the only one
that knew why it was happening.

As the Convexity in her body grew more accustomed to it, it caused
her body and mind to grow at about double the rate that a normal
dragon would. That meant that she had the body and mind of a one year
old, instead of a six month old. Her powers were also affected by the
Convexity and she had already mastered more than Spyro had at his age
of 12-years-old.

Der Riese chuckled and kept watching them train.

“Alright, now, I want you to hit the three dummies with one
bolt each. Not four, not two, three.”

Autumn sighed as Spyro walked over to the wall and pulled a lever,
causing three training dummies to pop out of the ground and start
running around all over the place. Autumn opened her mouth,
electricity curling around it, and then leaned forward and three
electric-blue beams came forth from her muzzle.

That was the other interesting thing, all of the electric dragons
electricity was yellow, but for some odd reason, Autumn's was blue
Der Riese mused.  Though Volteer had had a reasonable theory for that
one. He had said that her glowing markings might have caused her
bodies electrical charge to turn blue, instead of yellow...

Or something like that, Der Riese wasn't really listening at the time
and he chuckled as he remembered Volteer rambling on and on and on
about how much of a, “scientific marvel”, and “legend”,
she was. It annoyed her just as much as it annoyed Cyril, who
actually slapped Volteer one time for rambling on about how eggs were

Der Riese shook his head at the memory and looked back out over the
training area. Two of the dummies were laying in smoking heaps, but
the third one was still running around, untouched. Autumn was
standing where she had started the training, in the middle of the
arena, stomping her paw into the ground cursing lightly.

Spyro sighed and pushed the lever up, causing the dummies to sink
back into the ground. Der Riese sighed and walked down the stairs,
heading towards the middle of the area, Spyro doing the same. Autumn
just sat down with a heavy sigh, her head lowered. Spyro walked up to
her and sat down in front of her.

“Autumn.......don't be so hard on yourself.”

Autumn's head whipped up.

“I can't get it right! Why can't I get it right!”

Spyro sighed and shook his head.

“I don't know honey.....I don't know.”

Autumn snorted and kicked the ground, kicking up dust. Der Riese
walked up behind her.

“Autumn.........its time for your Convexity training.”

Autumn groaned.

“Do I have to do it today?”

Der Riese frowned.

“Yes, you have to do it every day.......Convexity is a powerful can corrupt and it can need to learn
how to control it.”

Autumn sighed and stood up, turning towards Der Riese. Der Riese
nodded and turned, walking towards the door. Autumn followed
solemnly, her head, wings, and tail drooping. Spyro sighed and
started walking in the other direction, towards another door that
lead to the hall, which in turn lead to his and Cynder's room. He
pushed the door open and walked down the bright hall.

There were only a few soldiers milling about, a rare occurrence at
this time of day. They hadn't had anything to do for weeks, as the
Russians and Malefor, as well as his forces, had been completely
silent. A few of the soldiers nodded at Spyro in greeting as he
walked past, and then went back to whatever they were doing. Spyro
smiled lightly and kept walking until he reached a wooden door,
adorned with gold. He heard humming coming from inside the room and
the quiet clink of pots and pans. He smiled and opened the
door quietly, sneaking into the room and closing the door just as

Cynder was in the kitchen, cleaning the dishes used from breakfast
earlier that morning, her back to the door. Spyro slowly stalked up
to her, smiling evilly. Cynder started humming to her self as she
cleaned, flicking her tail around idly. Spyro got right behind her
and, with another bright smile, poked the area at the base of her
tail. Cynder yelped loudly and whirled around, dropping the pot she
had been cleaning. Her eyes were wide with fright and her breathing
was fast.

“Spyro!” She screamed.

Spyro laughed hard and rolled to the floor, holding his sides. Cynder
snorted and picked up the pot, putting it in the sink. Spyro stopped
laughing and rolled back to his feet, smiling brightly.

“Come on, you enjoyed it.” He said, hugging her.

Cynder sighed and hugged back.

“Yes I did.....and if you ever do it again, no more of those
little “treats”.”

Spyr's smile faded and he broke the hug, tapping the top of her
muzzle with a claw.

“You wouldn't dare.”
Cynder smiled.

“Yes I would.”

Spyro smiled back and kissed her quickly, then walked into the living
room and dropped onto a large couch.

“So how did Autumn's training go today?”

Spyro looked at Cynder as she walked into the living room and sighed.

“She still can't seem to get her accuracy down with the
lightning bolts, and she is having trouble only using the certain
number of bolts I tell her to.”


Spyro sighed and nodded.

“How is her shadow training going?”

“Its going good, she has full control over it and can do more
then I could even while I was..........corrupted.”

Spyro's eyes saddened slightly and Cynder sighed heavily.

“Well at least she's learning something.”

Cynder giggled and walked over to Spyro, swaying her hips. Spyro
looked at her in confusion.


Cynder smiled and walked right up to him.

“Well...she's going to be gone for a few hours isn't she.”
Cynder said, tracing a claw down Spyro's broad chest.

“Yes she what does that have to do with anything?”

Cynder smiled.

“It means I want to “treat” you to a little love.”

Spyro blushed furiously and Cynder giggled mischievously.

“B-but what if you get pregnant again?”

“Weren't you listening during Cyril's lessons? A dragoness
can't get pregnant until a year after they've laid.”

Spyro's blush deepened, turning his purple scales a dark red color.
Cynder smiled and kissed him lightly. Spyro sighed and kissed back,
bringing his paws up behind her neck and head. Cynder broke away and
wrapped her tail around Spyro's neck and pulled lightly. Spyro smiled
and stood up, letting her take him to their bedroom. Cynder pulled
him over to their bed and laid down, with him laying on top of her.
Cynder smiled and kissed him deeply. Spyro returned the kiss and
pressed his body onto hers. Cynder moaned happily and, with a wave of
her tail, a wisp of shadow drifted over to the door and pushed it,
making it drift closed. The only sounds that came from the room as
the door drifted closed were the moans of pleasure from the two
dragons, lost in their round of love making.

Autumn groaned as she walked down the hall. She had been training
with Der Riese for over three hours, and her muscles and brain hurt.
Her movements were slow, as her paws hurt from the running around she
had had to do. Autumn smiled as she thought of her soft bed, and her
soft pillows. She reached her and her parents room and reached for
the doorknob.

“I wouldn't do that if I were you.”

Autumn turned and saw Bures leaning against the wall opposite the
door. For the first time in a while, he wasn't wearing his helmet,
goggles, or balaclava. The scars that went over and under his left
eye were completely visible, as was the smile plastered on his mouth.

“Why not?”

“Well, to put this as simply as I can, your parents are in a
round of....”wrestling”.”

A few of the nearby soldiers broke into fits of laughter as Autumn's
face changed into one of confusion.

“What do you mean?”

Bures sighed and ran a hand through his short black hair.


“They're mating!” One of the soldiers yelled.

Autumn's face changed into one of shock and disgust as the soldiers
laughed hysterically, Bures joining in. Autumn blushed and started
walking down the hall.

“I heard...that Ember needed help with cleaning.” Bures
said as he wiped his eyes.

“Oh...okay...I guess I'll go there then.” Autumn said and
walked off down the hall towards Flame and Ember's room, leaving the
laughing soldiers behind.

Der Riese sighed and rubbed his temples as he walked towards the Pool
of Visions. Since he had moved into the Warfang temple, he had had to
train multiple dragons in the various elements. Thankfully, Autumn
was the only one that he had to train to use Convexity, and he
thanked God for that.

Convexity training was a long and hard process. The trainee had to
train and exercise their mind and body into peak condition. That
meant that they had to run an obstacle course while the trainer was
calling out things such as math problems and geography locations. It
was known to cause intense stress on the trainee and trainer.

And that was what Der Riese was dealing with right now, as well as a
massive headache. He sighed heavily as he reached the room and pushed
the doors open, walking into the middle of the room to join Cyril,
Volteer, and Terrador. All three of The Guardians were sitting next
to each other, talking quietly about something. They stopped talking
abruptly as Der Riese walked up to them and all three of them turned
to face him. Der Riese stopped and looked at them.

“What is it?”

Terrador sighed and stood up straighter.

“We believe Autumn is ready to face Malefor alongside her

Der Riese's eyes hardened.

“Are you sure....I mean...she's only 6 months old.”

Cyril stepped forward.

“We know, but her training is already in the advanced stages
and her mind and body are in peak condition, she is ready.”

Der Riese sighed.

“Who will tell them that they need to prepare for it? If we are
actually going along with this, then we need to get going as soon as

Volterr nodded.


Der Riese nodded and sat down.

“I will tell my men to start preparing.........we are going to
have a long fight ahead of us.”

All three of the Guardians nodded and Volteer headed towards the
door, walking through it. Der Riese sighed again and walked out of
the room as well, though he was going down a different hall, towards
where his men were staying. Der Riese felt something in the back of
his mind, a presence. He knew it wasn't evil, or even harmful, but it
was warning him of something.

People were going to die, and Der Riese also knew what else it was
telling him.

It was telling him, that his future, was dark.

Cynder flopped onto the bed next to Spyro, panting heavily. Spyro was
laying on his back, panting just as hard, sweat beading on his
forehead. Cynder put her head on her pillow and rolled over to Spyro,
cuddling up to him. Spyro wrapped one of his front legs around her
and pulled her close. Cynder purred and licked his cheek.

“” She said.

Spyro smiled.


Cynder smiled and put her head down on his chest, closing her eyes
and listening to his heartbeat. Spyro closed his eyes and sighed

“How long have we been in here?”

Spyro opened an eye and looked at a nearby clock and his eyes
widened. Cynder looked at him.

“What time is it?”

Spyro swallowed.

“We've.....we've been in here for over 4 hours.”

Cynder's eyes widened and she scrambled up, Spyro following closely.
Cynder jumped off of the bed and dashed into the living room, looking
for Autumn. As Spyro walked into the living room, Cynder saw a note
laying on the table and she ran over and picked it up, reading it.
Spyro walked over and read over her shoulder.

Autumn came by earlier after her training, we had to tell her what
you two were doing, so she might need some talking to from you two.
She went to Ember's and Flame's room to help Ember until you two are
done, and please finish quickly, we can hear everything that goes on
in that room.

Signed, Bures

P.S. Spyro, never knew that you were so dirty, you sure do know
how to pleasure a girl, just do it in secret next time.

Spyro and Cynder blushed as they read the note, Spyro's blush being

“Well...we should go get Autumn I guess.” Cynder said, a
blush clearly visible on her face.


Cynder put the note down and jumped lightly as a knock sounded from
the door. Spyro hid his blush and opened the door, revealing Volteer.

“Volteer, what are you doing here?”

Volteer stuck his head in and looked around.

“I need to speak with you two and your daughter.”

Cynder walked up.

“She's not here, she's at Ember's helping her with something.”

Volteer nodded and pulled his head out. Spyro and Cynder furrowed
their brows in confusion and walked out into the hallway. Volteer was
looking down the hallway that lead to Ember's and Flame's room.

“What do you need her for Volteer?” Spyro asked.

“I need her, and you two, for a matter of great importance and
urgency.” Volteer responded.


Volteer nodded and continued staring down the hall.

“Why don't you just go get her?” Cynder asked.

Volteer shrugged and started walking down the hall, with Spyro and
Cynder in tow, towards Flame's and Ember's room.

Ember hummed to herself as she cleaned her bedroom, Autumn cleaning
behind her.

“Thank you again for helping me.” Ember said, turning
towards Autumn.

Autumn smiled.

“Its no problem, mom and dad were busy anyway, and I had
nothing else to do.”

Ember smiled and chuckled, sweeping the duster over a bookshelf.

“How is Flame doing?”

Ember glanced back at Autumn and smiled.

“He's doing fine, though he is trying to plead to the Guardians
to let us become mates before the legal age.”

“You two really love each other, don't you?”

“Yes......we do....he's just so sweet and funny.”

“Where did you meet him?”

Ember sighed as the memories ran through her head.

“We meet in a coastal family and I had just moved
there and he and his family was the first to greet us.”


“Yea.....we hooked up a few days later and have been dating
ever since.”

Autumn smiled and turned to clean another shelf as a knock sounded
from the door. Ember put her down her duster and walked over to the
door, opening it.

“Good morning Ember, is Autumn here?” Volteer asked as he
poked his head through the doorway.

Ember nodded.

“She's in the back.”

Volteer nodded slowly and retracted his head, allowing Spyro and
Cynder to go through the door. Ember walked back to room and some
sounds like talking sounded from it, and not long after, Ember walked
out of the room, followed closely by Autumn. Spyro and Cynder smiled
at seeing their daughter and Autumn smiled lightly back as she
approached them and sat down, then looked at Cynder, her face
changing into one of confusion.

“Mom......what is that white stuff on your muzzle?”

Cynder blushed heavily, Spyro doing the same, his scales turning

“Its....uh....its nothing honey.” Cynder replied her
blush deepening.

Autumn looked like she wanted to keep asking about the matter, but at
that exact moment in time, Volteer head reappeared in the doorway.

“Is she here?” He asked.

Autumn stuck her head up so that Volteer could see and he nodded.

“Alright, come with me.”

He retracted his head and Autumn, Spyro, and Cynder followed closely
as Volteer turned and walked down the halls towards the meeting room.

They walked in silence, passing almost nobody else in the halls,
until they reached the meeting room, the doors opening in front of
them. Volteer walked in and sat next to Tearrador, who in turn was
sitting next to Cyril on the other side of the table. Spyro, Cynder,
and Autumn sat down and looked at the Guardians.

“So....why did you want us?” Spyro asked.

Cyril glanced at Terrador and he nodded, causing Cyril to sighs and
step forward.

“We called you here....because we think that Autumn is ready to
face Malefor.” He said.

Spyro choked and Cynder gasped, Autumn's eyes widening.

“A-are you sure?” She asked, eyes wide.

“Yes we are sure, your training has been going better then we
expected, and your Convexity training has been completed.”
Terrador cut in.

Spyro's mouth opened and closed repeatedly as he tried to find
something to say. Cynder just stared at the Guardians with wide eyes,
Autumn doing the same.

“She......she can't be ready! She's only 6 months old!”
Spyro exclaimed.

Volteer stepped forward.

“We know......but now is the time to strike. Jordan already has
his forces getting ready for the assault.” He said.

Spyro sighed heavily and shuffled his paws, thinking. The room was
silent for awhile, both groups staring at Spyro, until he finally
raised his head.

“Fine.....if you say she is ready....she's ready.”

All three of the Guardians nodded.

“Good.....we will send a messenger to Jordan to tell him to
keep going with the preparations.” Terrador said, waving a
cheetah over from another doorway.

The cheetah walked over to Terrador, who handed him a scroll, then
bowed and left. Cynder sighed and looked at Autumn with sad eyes.

“Do you think you are ready?” She asked.

Autumn nodded slowly.

“Yes......I think I'm ready.....what could possibly go wrong?”

Cynder's breathing took a sharp intake and Spyro snapped his head
around, glaring at Autumn.

“What could go wrong? What could go wrong?! Everything could go
wrong!” He yelled.

Autumn shrank back slightly and Cynder sighed.

“ know my scar on my stomach? And daddy's
scars?” She asked, quietly.

Autumn nodded.

“Well.....they were both caused by Malefor.”

Autumn's eyes almost popped out of her head and she froze. Spyro
stormed up to her and shoved his face in hers.

“Malefor is no laughing matter.” He snarled, “He
can kill and maim you faster then anything I have ever seen.”

Autumn nodded furiously and Spyro retreated, sitting next to Cynder.
Autumn looked at the Guardians.

“ it true?” She asked, whispering.

Terrador nodded, his face grim, and Autumn swallowed slowly.  

“I suggest you all prepare, we have a long time ahead of us.”
Cyril piped up.

Spyro nodded and left, silent. Cynder sighed and walked over to
Autumn, putting a paw on her shoulder.

“Come on....lets go get some rest so were ready.”

Autumn stood up without a word and left, her tail, head, and wings
sagging and low. Cynder sighed again and looked at the Guardians, who
were all talking to each other in low tones. Cynder looked up at the
small hole in the roof that shown light into the pool of water in the
middle of the room.

“Ancestors.....please keep us safe.”

Cynder turned and left, not knowing of the fate she had just avoided
as the Russian sniper lowered his rifle and stepped back into the
dark corner of the room, disappearing and reappearing right in front
of Malefor.

“Did you succeed?” Malefor asked as he glared down at the

“No......she left the room before I could take the shot.”
The soldier replied.

Malefor snorted and looked out of the window next to him, out over
the Burned Lands.

“Soon......very soon....this world will be mine.......I will
kill that purple dragon and his family, and then no one can
stop me from taking over the world.” He said, then broke out
into a fit of laughter that echoed all throughout the castle as the
nearby lava rivers flooded from his power.

Jordan: *wipes forehead* this was long overdue....

Der Riese: *snorts as Kino yells at Comet for breaking another

Jordan: How many is that now?

Der Riese: Six....

Jordan: *sighs*

Der Riese: How have you been since Numa disappeared?

Jordan: Fine.........police don't know anything....

Der Riese: *snorts*

Jordan: *sighs*

Der Riese: *stands up* gotta go help with the punishment...

Jordan: *silent*

Der Riese: *sighs and leaves*

Hey y'all!

Here is the long overdue chapter 19..sorry for the wait guys....sickness hit me pretty hard.

Oh ho ho.......some "action" :iconhurrplz:

And it looks like the final battle is coming up pretty soon.......

And I say this again...please don't comment on the length at all please and thank you......every time I see one I always pull a face in disdain...and it makes me look weird :iconmingplz:

And another note, ~eemhp31 has been feeling down go send him your condolences

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